Trelan Model 646-WRC EXTREME


The Trelan Model 646-WRC EXTREME is no stranger when it comes to putting in a hard days work, day in and day out. The Trelan Model 646-WRC EXTREME has been built to last for years and has more than proven itself when it comes to producing high volumes of top quality chips.

The Trelan 646-WRC EXTREME is built with more than its share of heavy iron. This unit has a 5” thick full mass extreme cutter wheel plus a heavy 1” thick replaceable face plate attached to the front of it, making it an impressive overall 6” thick. This massive wheel generates an enormous amount of inertia, which allows this unit to slice its way thru high volumes of wood with ease. The Trelan Model 646-WRC EXTREME comes standard with 3 Full 21” babbited style knives and counter knives that are held in with heavy duty clamps and holders. The unit is also equipped with a replaceable belly-band, reversible bottom anvil, and hydraulically driven feed wheels designed with internal hydraulic torque hubs. These hubs are continuously bathed in oil for long life. As well, the unit comes standard with a Diesel Engine ranging from 440 Hp too 600 Hp that is coupled to a spread-bearing clutch for long life. This unit is designed to be strictly fed by a mechanical loader only and therefore comes standard with a Cordless Remote Control unit that can be operated from the auxiliary loader of choice. These are just a few of the things the Trelan 646-WRC EXTREME has to be proud of but we are sure you will find many more.

Although the Trelan 646-WRC EXTREME is capable of producing high quality chips and board chips, any customer looking to chip tops for fuel should take a close look at this very productive machine.  The Trelan 646-WRC EXTREME might just be the most economical and affordable chipper to come along in a very long time.

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