The key to Trelan’s over 40 year longevity depends upon the unique, patented chipper design.  With the disc (cutter wheel) mounted at a positive, forward angle came the solution to problems that other manufacturers still struggle to overcome.  This design allows the anvil to be mounted in a horizontal fashion, and also tends to draw the material being chipped toward the center of the chipper disc creating the best use of its extreme inertia.  It may sound overly simple, but these factors combine to create long uniform knife wear, excellent chip quality, a large opening for limby material and a lower horsepower requirement to accomplish the task.

Another benefit of the Trelan design is the placement of a side anvil in the chipper.  This helps chip uniformity and reduces the amount of stringy and undesirable chips produced.  Mounting the disc at this angle permits placement of the rear pivoting top feed wheel closer to the chipper disc, allowing more control over the wood that enters.  The end result is wood chips widely recognized throughout the pulp and paper industry as being superior quality.

Trelan's Heavy Industrial Whole Tree Chippers.  The WRC (Wide Remote Control) models provide exceptional efficiency and performance for in-woods chipping operations.

Trelan reserves the right to change or modify specifications without notice and/or obligation.





Trelan Extreme WL-Models Chippers are equipped with roomy, deluxe cabs including heat/AC, a fully adjustable seat with joystick controls, and eye relaxing tinted glass. The optional curved discharge allows chips to shoot at an angle toward the hitch. The loader transport position makes a compact towing package while evenly distributing the weight of the machine. Trelan offers a loader model with the chipper of your choice, whether it is a 646-WL, a 686-WL or a massive 786-WL.  If a Trelan Extreme WL-Model Chipper is your need, Trelan has a machine for you.



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